img-logotipoWe perform repairs and maintenance of all types of watches and brands, we could list from wall clocks, chimes, table tops, cuckoos, antiques, as well as the so-called wristwatches, specifically we are the Technical Assistance of the BEST brand.
In our LOCAL (located in Madrid, Spain, Street Cartagena, No.128, 28002) we sell watches and jewelery  as a second complementary activity, in addition to the sales that we show at the end of this exhibition, being our main logistics center.

We also develop our own watch lines and collections, NURH (registered trademark in the OEPM) that we sell personally and / or through our distributors, at present we have produced the "most practical clock for your work", a hanging clock, which can <> in any uniform or work clothes, with a price-quality ratio that is practically not found in the market, with specially selected Japanese machinery, and three years of our guarantee; the watch is presented in different colors and samples, and can be adjusted to the corporate image of hospitals, opticians, sanitary services, laboratories, etc.

In this mentioned promotion, we can provide you if it is of your interest, our corporate advertising as well as images of our exhibitors where you can observe the comparative advantages that our product offers.

In turn, and as you can see if you visit our Electronic Store, we have to offer you the following specialties on which we work day by day for your choice:

Coins wedding (like novel  Arras  as our Virgen María`s coins that contains our beloved Virgins, and the Arras de la Vida, with a National and International acceptance that has surpassed our best expectations that we desire are yours), you can find also Biblical Arras, Arras de D.Quijote and Sancho, and so on.

Gifts of Weddings, Links and Anniversaries (Frames, Anniversary Strokes, and Vases, Cups and Other Gifts appropriated  to these celebrations).

Baby (complements of all kinds for Baby and children).

Nurh, our star watch and other selected watches.

Store (gift items and for you).

Opportunities (In preparation process).

Please, do not forget to participate in our FORUM, your questions and opinions really interest us.

You can also find us at AMAZON.

María Dolores Gómez Colastra.

Irene González Gómez.

Customer service phone number: +0034 91 5194586.