Virgin of the Dew Medallion

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Nativity Medal or Stroller with Dew's Virgin with Child in Silver Bilaminada in the shape of a Personalized Heart.

Crib Medallion with Silver Applique Bilaminada of the Dew's Virgin, heart-shaped.

Available in Beige, Pink and Blue. 

The Medallion is handmade by our artisans and its components come from our local shops.
Materials: 100% cotton fabric.
Measured 14 x 12 approx.
Total weight of Article 19 gr. 
This article can be personalized with the baby’s name next to the Virgin and on the back a small dedication or date. 
In the customization you can choose three typologies and several colors, making this personalized gift a unique memory. 
Choose whether you want to receive the item packed DC and priceless or...
We have shipments to the European Union.                           
Complete your Personalization Request, in our "CONTACT" section or with a message to the seller.    

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