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Landscape Frame for Anniversary. With two types of measures that can be Recorded.

  • FINISHED IN:Silver. The back is finished in Cherry Wood
  • DIMENSIONS: 18x24
  • Its position is vertical or horizontal.
  • Photo Frame, Laminated in Sterling Silver with PVD Tecnology, whith professional finishes of our artisans.Prduct made whith the innovative PNZON ¨Made of miror-Silver¨That guarantees that each item you buy is part of a hand crafted collection designed and produced entirely in Italy. The part of the STRATO corresponding to the bilamined silver is of a metalpuritu of 995%. All this converges in greater durability and resistance ton oxidation than the rest of the products in the market, resulting in an extraordinary value for money.
  • Complete the application to Personalise your Silver Frame in or section of ¨CONTACT¨ or by sending a MESSAGE and proceed with the recording. Thanks.
  • Article with treatment antioxidant protector for the workpiece remains always brilliant without need cleaning. Avoid abrasives. The cleaning is done only with a soft cloth, clean and dry.
  • We have shipments to the European Union.
  • Wedding Complement

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