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Life Arras for Weddings with Fan Tray

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Arras of Life in Silver or Gold Weddings with Case, Fan Tray . Recorded with date and names.



  • Each Arra is 20mm and 2mm thick. Case: 12CMX12CM, in corporate red with its logo.
  • The dimension of the Fan Tray is 21x12.
  • Complete your Tray Customization Request, in our "CONTACT" section and in Message for Us make it. Thanks a lot.
  • For Silver or Gold Weddings.
  • No returns are allowed on the items in Ceremonies.
  • We send your order ready for gift.
  • The bridal ARRAS TREE OF LIFE, symbolize the goods and prosperity that the couple will share in their life together, are composed of thirteen beautiful coins in bright Silver or gold, with the Tree of life on its front with the motto inscribed "Love is the foundations of our lives" and on the reverse, marriage alliances. Its symbolism has its origin in the sacred Tree of life that sustains two deeply rooted slopes, one Biblical based on Genesis and another Celtic, according to the Religion this wonderful tree was located in the center of Eden and if it ate its fruit Eternal life would be reached as long as it remained united to God, in turn, in the Celtic culture the trees are very important, they offer protection, shelter and firewood for the Homes, the Druids used the forests to teach their classes and extract their Natural medicines are the essence of life. The Tree of Life gathers in its branches the tenderness of giving and in its roots the Prosperity of the Community.

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